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Retirement. That is, retirement from your school district job – not life! Retirement doesn’t mean sitting on a rocking chair with an afghan across your legs. Retirement means you’ve entered a new, exciting and wonderful phase of life – a phase which offers up endless opportunities.

What do retirees do? Just about everything. Some get a new job. Some take college courses. Some travel. Some pick up and move to a warmer climate. Some spend more time with family, begin the Great American Novel, indulge in their life-long hobbies, pick up new ones, play sports or volunteer for one of a myriad of causes. You name it and retirees do it. All of this while enjoying the benefits of a pension from the New York State Teachers’ Retirement System and the confidence, independence and security that a steady paycheck provides.

This section of the ETA website provides information both to those who are contemplating retirement and to those who are already retired.

If you are getting ready to retire, there is a “how to” manual entitled “What To Do If You Want to Retire on July 1st Kit”. It will take you on a step-by-step journey to ease you through the retirement process. We’ve also provided the forms you’ll need to obtain your pension from the New York State Teacher Retirement - they’re downloadable and you can print them out at your leisure.

Of course, if you are retired already, we haven’t forgotten you. There is a “booklet” which explains Medicare and how to apply. There are forms from the New York State Teacher Retirement you may need, such as change of address, W-4 withholding forms, etc., all available for download and printing. There is also a list of “Important Phone Numbers and Addresses” which you may want to print out and keep for reference.

One suggestion, whether you are presently working or retired, open up an online account with the New York State Teachers’ Retirement System. Doing so will enable you to access information about your pension, give you access to all of the NYSTRS forms you may need and allow you to perform many chores, such as changing your address, all online. Use the URL “” (no www. is needed), and click on MyNYSTRS, create account, button. Then follow the instructions.

So now it’s time to explore the Retirement section. Click on one or both of the “sub-tabs” and see what’s available for you. This site is for you, please help make it better so if there is something you’d like and don’t see it, let us know and we’ll do our best to add it to the site.

Don’t forget, if you need an answer about retirement issues, don’t hesitate to call Geoff Strauss at 748-6783 or email him at


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