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The Endicott Teachers' Association is an organization dedicated to improving not only the working conditions of its membership but also to improving the quality of education for the students of the Union Endicott School District. Our members are united in a common commitment to provide for the greater good through service, dedication and knowledge.

It is our mission "To Build Better Tomorrows. We believe that education is the key to a better future for our members and our students. It is a life-long activity and this is reflected in our mission and in our dedicated service to our students and to the community in which they live. You can find Endicott Teachers Association members working in their classrooms and in our community. They generously donate their time and efforts to improving the lives of their students. Through the ETA Teacher-Community Fund and ETA scholarships, the members continue to donate thousands of dollars to help those in need, improve the community and help their students further their education.

ETA rises to the challenge of preparing our students for the 21st Century. There will always be new challenges in the field of public education but the Endicott Teachers Association will continue to meet these challenges in the present and future as it always has in the past. ETA will meet those challenges with unity of purpose and commitment to the highest standards for our members and for the students placed in our care.

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